Our experience in advising Companies that work or intend to work abroad is characterized by the presence of our Offices in Italy, Albania and Serbia, organized according to european standards and models, all directed and coordinated by italian professionals residents in that places.

Our Offices in Italy, Albania and Serbia provide all the necessary advice to the internationalization projects of Companies that have business relationship abroad or intend to do business in Italy, Albania and Serbia and support also italian, albanian and serbian Companies that already do business abroad or that intend to do business abroad, with deep care of every aspect of the operation.

Our activity starts already from giving advise to the Company in the phase of business opportunity selection and in the investment’s planning of strategy, gives support to the investor in taking care of every aspect connected to the operation abroad and assists the Company in the solution of the management’s needs of the daily activity.

Our teams of professionals working in our Offices of Tirana or Belgrade are formed by qualified albanian or serbian professionals with significant experience both in domestic and in international field, who are coordinated by the italian Partners who are resident in Albania or Serbia.

Regarding this last aspect, the Firm provides advice with the support of local professionals to individual organic Studies, directly coordinated by italian professionals. Regarding this last aspect, the professional qualifications of the Firm’s professionals, acquired in Italy, Albania and Serbia and the experience gained abroad are an additional element that is characterized as a quid pluris all of its own.

Our Offices represent a “platform for Companies” able to assist Clients, providing a comprehensive range of specific services listed in the website section dedicated to the area of practice of the Firm, dedicated to Companies which already works or intend to work in Albania, in Italy or in Serbia.

The experience gained through the activity of the Firm developed in European and International transactions, puts the Firm in the position to assist its Clients not only in Italy, Albania and Serbia, where our Offices are located, but also in other geographical areas, thanks to the professional networks of which the Firm is member.