Firm Presantation


Ferretti, Ippolito & Partners is an international Law and Tax Firm which has Offices in Tirana, Belgrade, Taranto and Bologna.

The Firm’s Offices in Italy, Albania and Serbia, in the main industrial and business areas of strategic interest, allows us to properly assist our Clients by offering them professional quality in researching and choosing the best solutions of personalized advice governed by national and international laws.

The Firm’s expertise has been formed since the 60s. The Firm’ skills are in law and tax national and international advice. We employ professionals of various nationalities and we have supported during our activity the foundation of many Companies, giving them the necessary advise, starting from the planning phase of strategy until the support to the ordinary issues of the daily activity, with deep care of every aspect of the operation.

In our Offices work Professionals with experience in international field and admitted to practice in Italy, Albania and Serbia.

The experience gained in international field, the flexibility and the ability to understand the value of the issues and projects of Clients, are at the basis of our concept of professional advice, which expresses itself throught a vision of global services.

Clients advised by the Firm in its Offices are Companies, national and multinational Groups of Companies, Institutions, public and private Entity and, of course, Individuals. The Firm provides its Clients, both domestic and foreign Companies, with specialized and personalized legal and tax services, besides the ordinary legal and tax judicial and extrajudicial advise.

Ferretti, Ippolito & Partners assists Clients in the areas where our Offices are located and also in other geographical areas, throught the professional networks to which the Firm takes part.

The working languages currently used by the Firm are italian, english, serbian, albanian, french.